Swimming for Horses: A dip into Equine Hydrotherapy

Horse Swimming, Hydrotherapy pool

At the Northern Equine Therapy Centre, we were excited to be invited to explore the fascinating world of swimming for horses. Diane, the centre’s manager, guided us through the facility and shared valuable insights about the benefits of water therapy. Why Do Horses Come to the Centre? The Magic of Non-Weight Bearing Exercise Swimming is […]

Mastering Strides

Showjumping is an exciting and challenging equestrian sport that requires a combination of speed, skill, and precision. One of the key components of successful showjumping is understanding and mastering the concept of strides. In this blog, we will explore the importance of showjumping strides and how to approach them effectively. Firstly, let’s define what we […]

Breaking Records at the Horseback Archery World Cup

From the impressive spectacles of showjumping and dressage events, to the super popularity of racing – the world of equestrian sports is a vast collection of exciting disciplines. This week, we were introduced to one of its most captivating, horseback archery. If you didn’t already know, this week saw the conclusion of the Horseback Archery […]

Mastering the Zone

There’s more to showjumping success and eventing excellence than the talents of your four legged friends – and though yes, your physical ability is key, today we’re talking about the power of your mind! More specifically, we’re talking about getting into ‘the zone’ and how you can unlock your full potential by getting into the […]

The Silent Danger Of Sycamore Seedlings In Your Paddocks

Sycamore seeds and seedlings are a known hazard to horses, but this year, the danger seems to be particularly prevalent as seedlings grow rife this spring. Hidden danger in your paddocks… Sycamore poisoning can cause a condition known as atypical myopathy, a serious condition that affects horses. It can cause severe muscle damage and even […]

Avoiding Laminitis Over The Spring Season

Sadly, most horse owners will be all too aware of the debilitating effects of laminitis. For those who don’t know, the condition, said to affect 1 in 10 horses every year, is an inflammation of the sensitive laminae that connects the hoof wall to the underlying pedal bone. This swelling can cause severe pain and […]

<em>Classic Signs With Local League Leaders</em>

Our apologies to the Premier League’s biggest clubs, but we’re proud to have signed for our local team – the Saddleworth 3Ds! Check out those kits! We’re honored to be the main shirt sponsor for the U11 Blues, playing in Division 6 of the East Manchester Junior Football League. Representing the three local villages of […]

Goal Setting With Jeni Ball

The New Year has just got underway and a lot of riders are looking to the competition schedule and planning the year ahead. But what happens if your goal seems unachievable and you are having doubts about how you are going to get there? I get asked about goal setting a lot and it is […]

Hacking with Confidence

Hacking with confidence - Jeni Ball tells us how.

I want to begin this by saying that you are never JUST a happy hacker. People that hack are amongst the bravest riders there are. Hacking can throw anything at you at any time and you have to be able to deal with that. You never know what is around the corner. Even the most […]

The Process Behind Our Classic Products

We are often asked how our products are made and its more interesting than you may think! Todays blog goes behind the scenes to reveal the process we use to create the growing list of Classic favourites. Plastic can be formed by several different processes, all with their own benefits and drawbacks. You may have […]