The Process Behind Our Classic Products

We are often asked how our products are made and its more interesting than you may think! Todays blog goes behind the scenes to reveal the process we use to create the growing list of Classic favourites. Plastic can be formed by several different processes, all with their own benefits and drawbacks. You may have […]

Classic Products – Now In North America!

We’re delighted to announce that Classic products will soon be available across the Atlantic through our friends at Copper Pony Poles. Over the years, as we’ve released more and more products, demand for our popular showjumping items have not only grown here at home, but in North America too! In fact, we regularly receive messages […]

Why Mounting Blocks Are Better For Your Horse…

Whether you’re struggling to swing yourself with the spirit of teenage years or can’t keep your steed steady enough to climb a fence and hop on – mounting blocks have been a godsend for the longest time. However, as simple as they’ve made life for us, our rides must be equally grateful as new research […]