Earlier this month, Caroline Powell announced the retirement of her successful and immensley popular equine partner Lenamore. The news prompted a multitude of tributes throughout the equestrian press.

14 March 2013 09:00
Jacky Green writes

Lenamore, known by his legion of fans as “Ed” has been officially retired from British Eventing. In a move not dissimilar to Kauto Star’s departure from the National Hunt scene owners Janie Mackinnon, Lexi Jackson and rider Caroline Powell have decided to retire Ed while he is fit and sound although he will certainly not be pursuing a dressage career!

Although he did not know it, London 2012 proved to be his swansong event when Caroline Powell and Lenamore were part of the bronze medal winning NZ team. After a break back home in Scotland he arrived at Caroline’s new base in the South in January looking fit and well and ready to step up the work for Badminton. At 20 years of age there are just a few things that have caught up with him although nothing specific and it was decided that Badminton might be a trip too far. Not for Lenamore the indignity of a step down…..if he cant go 4 star he would not want to do it at all!

The statistics speak volumes of this charismatic little grey that has so captured the publics heart. He began eventing back in 1999 at the age of 6 and was produced by Lexi Jackson through to advanced and CCI ***. After finishing 14th at the Bramham U25’s in 2004 Lexi handed over the reins of her talented but unpredictable ride to Caroline Powell. It was an auspicious start…the pair won Auchinleck advanced, Tetton AI and finished 3rd at Blair CCI*** in their 3 runs that Autumn.

He has an unbelievable record at Badminton with 7 consecutive completions and not placing lower than 12th since 2007. If Badminton 2012 had not been cancelled it could have been 8….. His Burghley record is just as impressive with 5 completions and the three years he missed were due to his team calling at Aachen Worlds in 2006, Bejing Olympics in 2008 and London Olympics 2012. In 2010 he won Burghley with a finishing score of 38.7 penalties.

Since 2005 Lenamore has completed two CCI**** events a year without a single sick or sorry day inbetween. You have to go back to 2007 to find a cross country fault and it is testament to his team that he has been so successful. Lexi, Janie, Caroline and his grooms that have looked after him have learnt that routine is key to all with Ed. If you look back over his record you will see his Spring season hardly varied from Lincoln, Belton, Badminton. There is a big misconception that he is not warmed up for dressage which is not quite true….he has allot of work at a three day but just not in the last session before his test! His infamous rapid departure from the collecting ring is one of his trademarks, the little 15.3 grey usually towing 2 handlers that tower above him as fast as he can back to the stables!

Statistics can tell a story but not the Fairy Tale that is Lenamore. He will return to his beloved Mackinnon family base back up North and will stay in light work and no doubt will continue to exercise his firm opinions about life for many years to come.