Equipole App reviews our Stackaletti

I have been fortunate enough to get my hands on the wonderful new Stackalettis!

The aim of Equi-Pole is to provide specific exercises to help both professionals and riders from all disciplines enjoy polework sessions as part of their training programme, either ridden or from the ground.
I had known about the concept of these stackable pole raisers for a while and was desperate to try them out!

I spend my entire day traveling around different yards/clients either coaching or holding polework
clinics. So when I’m looking at a using a product I have 3 questions:

• Is it safe?
• Is it multifunctional?
• Can I get it from A to B easily?

Stackalettis answer a big YES to all 3!!

They have managed to combine strength and durability whilst retaining a compact, lightweight product (my 4yr old daughter can carry 6 at once!)

A single Stackaletti offers 3 different height options and can hold 4 poles at varying angles making them perfect for more complex pole-work patterns such as triangles or corners.

The unique interlocking design means that the height of poles can be further increased whilst retaining the security of it. They can even be stacked to create jumps – they are an absolute game changer! Their compact design also makes them ideal for groundwork as they tuck neatly under each pole keeping them out of both horse and handlers way.

The design and functionality of these blocks really is something very exciting, there is nothing on the market that can compete with what they can offer to improve your horses balance, suppleness, core strength, joint mobility, proprioception and range of movement.

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