The products and service they provide are really good. We take them to shows and events throughout the Netherlands

Henk van Middendorp, Nedlandic

Hay Soaker Lid

Compatible with our Hay Soaker.

Our new Hay Soaker is the ideal solution for soaking and transporting hay easily around the yard. This product was developed after our customers told us that they really wanted something mobile to transport wet hay and water around their yards and fields.

The Hay Soaker has a large capacity and will take ½ to ¾ of a bale or 2 extra-large haynets. The wheels are rubber tyred and roll across any ground easily, 2 are also braked to avoid issues with the soaker rolling while in use.

The tank is made from ultra-hard wearing plastic that will not crack. It slides into the frames which has separate tubular side supports and is robust, strong and easy to wheel. The tank is also fitted with a plug and drain to make draining and cleaning as easy as possible.

External Dims: 1040 x 730 x 845mm inc frame / Internal Tank dims: 940 x 640 x 610mm

  • 370ltr maximum capacity – as a guide we recommend that you carry a max of 2 soaked haynet’s, or 3-4 un-soaked haynet’s depending on size

Product code: RL0046

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Trade price (ex.VAT): £16.20

RRP price (ex.VAT): £22.68

Colours available

  • Blue
  • Pink

  • Hay Soaker Lid - Classic Show Jumps

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