Why Mounting Blocks Are Better For Your Horse…

Whether you’re struggling to swing yourself with the spirit of teenage years or can’t keep your steed steady enough to climb a fence and hop on – mounting blocks have been a godsend for the longest time. However, as simple as they’ve made life for us, our rides must be equally grateful as new research reveals the long-term issues associated with ground mounts.  

Ground Mount Issues…

Though it’s super convenient to pull yourself up from the ground (if you still can), the uneven pressure you apply to a horse’s spine can lead to chronic pain in later life. The pull on their withers too, an especially important concern for jumpers, could impact shoulder rotation over time and lead to restricted mobility.

It’s also essential to consider how often your horse is being ridden. Lesson horses for example that see many different riders of all levels, shapes and sizes, will certainly benefit from a more stress-free mount.

The Difference Mounting Blocks Make…

Without the pull and swing of ground climbs, even weight distribution from block mounts reduce the strain across the vertebrae and provide a pressure free start to your ride, something older horses in particular will be grateful for. It also offers your equine friend the opportunity to be heard, if lining them up is proving difficult, they might be trying to tell you something!

For shorter riders, especially those on larger steeds, reducing that height differential will certainly make life a lot easier for the both of you, not to mention the confidence it’ll provide on dismount for amateur and older riders alike.

Choosing The Right Size…

With so many different styles, colours and sizes to choose from, its easy to become overwhelmed by the wealth of choice – especially when ordering online. However, the most important thing to consider is how they measure up to your ride. At Classic Showjumps we have one, two, three and four step blocks which cater for all equine sizes, from Shetland to Shire.

Each of our range also features abrasive anti-slip strips for secure footing and convenient hand holds that make moving the steps an almost effortless exercise. Our heavy duty mounts are also designed to British and European safety standards, meaning they can hold up to a impressive 260kg of weight!

You can find more information on our industry leading mounting blocks, including our new handrail range, by following this link to our products page.  

In Conclusion…

The appeal of using a mounting block for the rider is clear, access is simple and the anxieties of dismounting for older riders is allayed. However, the benefits to horse health far outweigh our own. For schools and livery yards, investing in a quality and time tested mounting block will prove vital to long term health and condition of your equine companions.

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